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Now if you have corns on toes, you know, they can be painful and irritating. They lower your quality of life and can make you miserable. Even little things, like walking up the stairs, will feel like a huge obstacle. Well don’t fret! There are solutions. In fact, effective medications for corns have been out for a long time. And new, effective treatments for corns come out every year. Furthermore, there is more of an understanding of why corns form on the feet, and there are simple methods that will ensure that once you get rid of corns on toes, they will stay away forever.

What Are Corns?

Corns are irritating and painful areas of hard and thickened skin. The pain is usually either sharp and severe or dull and uncomfortable. They are defined, callused areas on the skin that usually contain a hard, central region that pushes deeply into the dermis causing pain and sometimes inflammation. It is for the reason that podiatrists often refer to corns as helomas, which means “stone wedge”.

There are three different types of corns: hard, soft, and plantar corns.

Get Rid of Corns on Toes:

Hard CornThe hard corn or digital corn is the most common type of corn that is usually found on the dorsolateral aspect of the fifth toe and dorsum of the third toe. This corn is usually caused by shoes that are too small. The pressure from the shoe causes calluses to form, which leads to more pressure put on the area. The callus continues to grow and grow until you are left with painful corns on toes.
Soft CornThe soft corn, also known as an interdigital corn, is an extremely painful corn located between toes. This is basically a corn that has taken in sweat and other moisture, causing a little sore. Often, two soft corns form on touching toes, facing each other.
Corn on foot:

Corn on footThe plantar corn forms on the bottom of your foot. It makes it very painful to walk. Often, people refer to this type of corn as “Walking with a stone in your shoe that you can’t remove.”

Get rid of corns on toes!- What causes corns?

Corns are a type of callosity that is caused by rubbing or pressure on the skin. The term used for the formation of calluses is called keratinisation. Pressure causes the horny layer of the epithelium to become overeative, leading to a thick formation of skin. The callusing of skin usually does not lead to pathology. However, when the lesions become large enough it can lead to painful problems like corns.

Corns are usually caused by shoes that are too tight. It is for this reason that many women experience corns and calluses when they wear shoes that are too small. Furthermore, many athletes get corns and calluses due to the constant friction that they experience on their feet.